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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Don’t make the yearly Valentine’s Day be a chore for you. Rather than just repeating the same old ritual of queuing up outside Pandora for hours along with every other couple this year or spend a fortune on overpriced bouquets of flowers that will wilt in a few days, let’s try something new this time round!

1. Don’t buy the gifts, make them.

It’s the thought that counts – right? Putting all your effort and love into making something with your own hands for that someone you love could create a more memorable impression (and even save money but hey, I’m not saying you should be overly kiamsiap)

2. Attend a 1-day class / course together

It can be something as simple as a cooking / baking class or even a volunteer day at the local animal shelter. Doing something different from usual can lead to discovering more potential activities to do and share together.

3. Switch roles for the day

I’d like to think this is more of a fun thing you could try. Maybe the girls could be the ones carrying their boyfriend’s man-purse for the day or the boys could go for a pedicure. The possibilities are endless and it can go very fun if you get creative with it. Perhaps even with the idea of putting each other in different shoes could help couples to understand each other more too!

4. Plan a treasure hunt

Create an adventure with your loved one by piecing out clues all over the place which can only be solved with one’s memories of their time together. Lead them to places that brings you the nostalgic feeling or even attempt to mimic the first-time events. All of these could be fun to try and a trip down to memory lane is always one of the best ‘trips’ you can go for.

5. Celebrate earlier

Rather than going through all that trouble to land yourself a table at a restaurant everyone else might’ve possibly reserved earlier, I would like to think celebrating earlier where it isn’t too crowded or noisy is much, much more romantic.

If you’re one who has not found or reserved for a place for Valentine’s yet and are not looking to cramp up with every other couple under the same roof, why not head down to Medal Mad Café in Kepong to give their Valentine’s Special Course Meal (RM131.40 nett). The course meal boasts 3-4 different dishes you will be able to enjoy along with a couple drink and photograph on the house! The promotion has already begun and will run till 14th February 2018! Note: Due to the limited seats, pre-booking has to be made.

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