Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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7 Types of Couples Around Us

With Valentine’s Day coming, it’s no stranger that it is a day to celebrate couples who are in love with each other. Standard rituals for the day include the gift of flowers, chocolates, going on movie dates and even romantic dinners (Gee, thanks a lot Mr Capitalism).

What’s a better way to enjoy the season than to see what type of couple you are based on the list below.

1. Stuck-like glue

They’re ALWAYS together 24/7.
Wherever she goes, he goes.
Wherever he goes, she goes.
… except the toilets, of course!

2. The diabetic couple

When the girlfriend calls him honey and
When the boyfriend calls her sugar,
Add some milk, eggs, butter and flour,
Preheat the oven to 350F and toss the batter in
Now you’ve got yourself a sweet, sweet cake.

3. The father and daughter

Not to be taken literally, couples with a huge age gap. But hey, age is just a number so I’m not judging! Perhaps with age comes maturity and dexterity as well.

4. The cat and dog

Always quarrel.
Fought yesterday, fighting today, will fight tomorrow.
But they always make-up. Maybe the secret to the longevity of relationships is to just dish everything at a higher decibel.

5. Break-up to make-up

Couples who get on and off relationships faster than you deciding what’s for dinner. It is pretty obvious they just can’t get enough of each other (or perhaps too much, I don’t know!).

6. The yin and the yang

Couples with very, very contrasting personalities but you have no idea how they bond with each other when they seemingly (?) have nothing in common. Another theory I have on these couples is that the differences is what helps them complete what each other lacks.

7. The On-screen couple

The one everyone thought would be dating because of the perfect chemistry, but aren’t actually dating. Faster ask her out lah! Waiting for the next eclipse only ask is it? 😛

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