Friday, September 20, 2019
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Coffee – The Holy Water of the Millennium

Let’s face it, we love our coffee and it is basically the to-go drink that fuels us up throughout the day. In fact, due to the high consumption rate as well as demand for coffee is the exact reason why there are cafés blooming everywhere giving us exactly what we need to perform our routines (though coffee isn’t exactly just a drink in the morning; we get them even for lunch, dinner or even supper when you’re just chilling at the neighbourhood Starbucks).

Undeniably, coffee lovers know our coffee by the name and have our specifics when we place our orders but how many of us know what these things could benefit us?

  1. Coffee Makes You Smarter, Really!

What is coffee mostly known of? Caffeine of course! Caffeine functions as a blockage to an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, causing a stimulant effect.
Too deep? Caffeine basically stops the stuff that blocks your brain from performing at its best. This boosts your energy levels, mood, memory and even different brain functions!

2. Coffee Lowers Cancer Risks

A research made the participants drink four cups of coffee a day and tested on how it affects the development of cancer. Results have shown that prostate cancer development has been reduced by as much as 20% while there is a reduced risk of 25% in developing endometrial cancer in women. Other related studies have shown that liver cancer (the third leading cause of cancer death in the world) risk is 40% lower among coffee drinkers.

3. Coffee Burns FAT

There are very few natural substances which have been proven to help in burning fat … caffeine is one of them. Caffeine is able to increase fat burning in the body whilst boosting the metabolism rate of the drinker to as much as 3-11%. Studies have proven that caffeine could increase the burning in fat by as much as 10% among obese individuals and around 29% in lean people.
Note: This effect, however diminishes over time if you’re a long-term coffee drinker.

4. Coffee is Extremely Good for You

Provided that you do not add sugar, creamer or milk … plain coffee can potentially be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. This is because coffee beans contain huge amounts of antioxidants, even more than fruits and vegetables combined. Antioxidants are important to prevent / slow down oxidative damage in the body.

5. Coffee is Protects Your Teeth

Ironically, one might think that drinking coffee would stain your teeth leaving it brownish or yellow. Brazilian researchers have conducted studies on strong black coffee consumption and found that just by drinking it, bacteria that causes tooth decay are killed.

Note yet again: This only applies to strong black coffee. Adding milk or sugar would of course cancel such effect.

With the International Coffee Day (ICD) just around the corner, the team here at Kiple have took the initiative to organise a few activities to celebrate the existence of this lovely beverage. Why you might ask? Because Kiple is synonymous with our love for coffee.

How about ICD? It is a day when all coffee connoisseurs come together to celebrate their love for coffee. You don’t know your beans, you only know that you can’t live without coffee? Just like that, you’ve met the minimum benchmark! We’re not here to play some ‘know-it-all’ game (we’ll leave that to the wine connoisseurs in Paris).

Check out Kiple’s specially curated International Coffee Day contest as detailed here, with pop quizzes, selfie contest, and café polls. Head over to our  Facebook page for more info as  we’ve prepared couple of contest and events just to commemorate this key event, at some of Klang Valley’s finest cafes within our merchant universe. Click here for a quick glance-through!

What’s cool if it is not for an ICD huddle? With RedCups’ official launch at Paradigm Mall (formerly known as Cosans Coffee) on ICD, new users can sign up with us with the Referral Code Kip780 and earn RM5 off your total bill at RedCups starting from 26th Sept onwards. Drop by Redcups Coffee, Paradigm Mall on 30th Sept – 1st Oct between 10am-10pm. The promotions as follows:

  1. Walk-in customers will receive a voucher! For a minimum spend of RM30, you will enjoy RM10 off!
  2. Two is better than one – buy one, free one drink!
  3. 30% off for employees if your office is a tenant in Ascent Tower, Paradigm. (Show your Ascent access tag to receive the offer)

Happy International Coffee Day!