Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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How You Can Save More For This Year’s Hari Raya

Festivals can be the most joyful and fun moments, and yet can also be the most busy and stressful period. When it comes to festivities, we will usually go all out and try to make the most out of the occasion because we only do it once a year. Unfortunately, that also means spending so much more than we should.

With Hari Raya just around the corner, you’ll be so stressed out before you even know it because there are so many preparations and last minute shopping that you need to do. Items like new curtains, new decorations, and new clothing are definitely in the shopping list, imagine the amount of money that we needed to spend!

We want to help you enjoy this year’s Hari Raya without having to get all stressed out about your expenditure, so we prepared a few tips on how you can save more for this year’s Hari Raya, without diminishing the joy of the celebration!

Be price conscious.

The most basic tip that everyone should know, is to set a limit to the price range for your purchases and stick to it with discipline. When you have a limit to how much you are allowed to spend, you will try not to spend over your budget and thus buying less or opting for cheaper prices. Also, try to compare prices of similar items and choose the lower-priced option. Often enough, there are many shops selling similar items but at a very different price, so don’t get fooled by the high-priced sellers!

Shop online.

Almost everything can be found online these days, which is why it has become a useful platform to research and shop for items that you need. You can find items you want online, saving the time of having to go out to the brick-and-mortar shops thus, gives you the convenience of shopping at your own home. The internet also allows you to research for sales or promotions available in stores or sometimes only online, giving you the best deals for more worthy purchases. Moreover you can check prices of different items online and compare them with one another, which helps you to be more price conscious as well.

Make a list

We know when it comes to Raya shopping, there can be so many things to buy that span across so many different choices. But that doesn’t mean that you need to get everything, less isn’t always more! People tend to overspend when there are too many things to buy, thinking they need more than they really should, resulting in impulsive buying behavior. Hence why making a list of what you really need to buy will stop the impulse purchase by giving you a clearer picture of what you need and limits you to only buying those items. Shopping lists can also help avoid buying items that you already have at home. If followed strictly, it can minimise a lot of unnecessary cash spillage!

New government, new rules

Not really a tip on how to save, but thanks to the abolishment of GST, saving has become so much easier! It is a blessing just in time for Raya, because it makes shopping so much cheaper due to price reductions. Besides that, some toll prices had decreased as well, so if your kampung is located at Johor, Penang, Seremban etc, your balik kampung trip is now cheaper!

Pay wisely

Our last tip or advice to you would be to not use credit card to pay when you shop. Research has shown that credit card can lead to overspending, and that people are more willing to pay more using credit card as compared to cash. So when you use credit card, you will get overly excited, resulting in you getting carried away and end up buying more. Try to always pay with cash instead, or if cash is too troublesome for you, there’s always a way to go cashless with kiplePay! With a wider offering provided from great partnerships with our merchants, you can now shop with our app without shopping aimlessly.

That’s all the tips we have to offer for you. Drive safe, have fun, and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all.