Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Top 6 Surprises For Your Dad On Father’s Day

Any man can be a father, but it takes a really special person to be a dad. For a son, a dad can be his best friend and role model, someone he can trust and look up to at all times; for a daughter, a dad can be the king to her fairytale castle, protecting her from harm and treating her like his most dotted princess.

But for most of us, our dads had been our very first heroes way before Superman or Batman, helping us through difficult times and giving us all the support that we need in life.

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day to show how much you appreciate everything about him, even for his bad dad jokes! It’s not difficult to show your gratitude for your dad, especially since we’re gonna share you some good ideas we thought of that are simple and affordable as well.

1. Outdoor activities

Dads love the outdoors and any nature related activities will definitely appeal to them. Secretly plan a picnic or a hike with your family members, and surprise your dad on Sunday morning with this fun activity that everyone can enjoy.

Bring your dad on a picnic for him to relax and unwind, enjoying a simple breakfast surrounded by nature. There are many places that you can go to enjoy the fresh outdoors, such as the Shah Alam National Botanical Park and Desa ParkCity are good places for picnicking, and the ideal hiking spot would be Broga Hill where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while you hike.

2. Crafty gifts

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, it’s always a good idea to put your skills to use and create something unique for your dad on Father’s Day.

You can opt for making DIYs such as painting mugs or a personalized photo frame as gifts for your dad, or you can also get crafty and hand-make a Father’s Day card; just get as creative as you want!

Although it may seem the most conventional thing to do on Father’s Day, a handmade gift or greeting card with a meaningful message will always touch the heart of your receiver no matter how simple it may look.

3. Short videos

Most of you may have some old home-videos from your childhood stashed away somewhere, those that your dad filmed when you were younger but now nobody watches them; why not make good use of those videos and compile them into a short video to surprise your dad!

It can be funny and at the same time nostalgic as well for both you and your dad, experiencing a very heartwarming moment as you reminisce good memories that you shared together as father and child.

4. Photo album

Another way you can bring your dad down memory lane with you would be to create a photo album filled with photos that you took together. It can be a collection of all the trips you went together, or creating a photo timeline with some older photos along with newer ones, just get as creative as you can.

You can also recreate some old photos from many years ago to see how much everyone has changed! Incorporate some humor and personalization into making it look unique, such as adding some designs or captioning the photos with funny and touching messages.

5. Movie marathon

If your dad is a movie lover, you can gather all his favorite movies and invite him to join in for a movie marathon. You can set up your living room to look dark and cosy, resembling the ambience of an actual cinema.

Print out tickets along with the timing to take the fun another step further. Remember to prepare lots of buttery popcorns to enhance the whole experience for your dad, and just enjoy the movies!

6. Coffee & breakfast

Breakfast in bed might be a little out of reach, but you can always take your dad out for breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. There are many places that serves good breakfast and/or coffee such as Grind 22, Redcups Coffee, The Bulb Coffee, Nectarine Coffee & Co., and Departure Lounge, all located within Klang Valley. They are reasonably priced as well, so you and your dad can chill and catch up with each other while sipping on a good cup of joe.

With these easy and simple ideas at hand, you can make this Father’s Day really fun and special for your dad and your family as well. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that you must also show gratitude for your dad every other day. The depth of the love parents have for their children cannot be measured, so always treat your parents with respect and love.

We hope your dad enjoyed his surprise and that you all have fun. Happy Father’s Day to all amazing dads out there!