Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Are We Better, Post-GE14?

9 May 2018 has become one of the most historical date for Malaysia. Malaysians have elected their fresh new representatives to helm the nation for progressive reforms.

From there onwards, we find ourselves in the midst of Malaysia’s metamorphosis into a new and improved country. This had shed light onto how great and awesome our country really is, which inspired people to come up with many fun ways of showing their patriotism.

We picked up one particularly interesting sharing that was found through the internet, and decided to enhance it into a colorful infographic for your viewing.

The infographic points out the perks of living in Malaysia that are absent in other countries and why Malaysia is can and might be the best country to live in.

Check this out on how much you agree that this maybe possible?


Do this share around and let patriotism continue to flourish!

[Credits: the Rakyat of Malaysia]