Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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The Chinese New Year “Interview” – Shut Your Kaypoh Aunties Up

With Chinese New Year comes the yearly tradition of celebrating the festival in the spirit of togetherness. That also means that it is the time of the year where reunions are done in masses and you’ll get to see the uncommon faces once again. One of the more dreadful scenarios of these reunions are the impromptu ‘interview sessions’ conducted by the nosy aunties that you could barely remember their names are.

Don’t want that to haunt you? You can try the following to just shut them up a little:

1. Rent a boyfriend / girlfriend – This is only practical if you’re not married though. A few hours of acting should be enough to deny them for another year.
Risk rating: ●●○○○
Effectiveness: ●●○○○
While it is something that actually happens in China, I’m not sure if the classifieds in Malaysia are just for internet points or they do actually mean it.

2. Avoid attending – I’d only advise if you don’t know anyone at the event at all. At times it may not be worth to avoid a reunion completely just because you don’t want to be questioned by a few.
Risk rating: ●○○○○
Effectiveness: ●●●●○

3. Keep your distance – Keep watch on the possible gossips and swerve away if they’re coming your way. Chances are you might avoid one just to bump into another and there’s always a high probability You’d look like a paranoid walking on hot rocks throughout the whole time though.
Risk rating: ●●●○○
Effectiveness: ●○○○○

4. Verbal war – Throw shade at them back when you sense hostility and walk away. You could either leave them in shock or trigger a possible argument.
Risk rating: ●●●●○
Effectiveness: ●●●●○

5. Verbal nuclear war – Probably not advisable and I’m putting this for the luls. Ask them back “When is your turn?”. Depending on their state of life, this could easily shut them up to oblivion and you’ve won. Depending on how you execute and handle the situation, it might’ve been a risk to shut down the party atmosphere.
Risk rating: ●●●●●
Effectiveness: ●●●●●

If you are considering on trying the methods above, do let me know how it turn up. Disclaimer: I am not liable of the outcome so do not completely take this seriously okay?

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