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Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive


LOVE is in the air this week… And you don’t necessarily need to have to be loaded like Kanye West to enjoy it with your dearest Kim K.

More and more couples are choosing to ignore Valentine’s Day due to the commercial hype which surrounds this age-old occasion.

But you’re forgetting something. Valentine’s Day is about LOVE, and there’s nothing wrong about celebrating LOVE – it just doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank to show someone you love them!

So before you go raiding florist outlets or making reservations at exorbitantly expensive restaurants, try taking a leaf out of Kiple’s OFFERS made for the realistic romantics of the world.




Feeling like an Italian stallion who’s about to confess your amore to your girlfriend? Then cancel your fancy 5star Italian fine-dining plans tonight, and go for a fuss-free Italian dinner with your signorina at Chequers instead. It’s only RM55 for the Italian combo of 1 Chicken Mushroom Stronganoff Pasta, 1 Pizza and 2 specialty drinks of your choice! [SAVE RM13]! Buon appetito!

Not feeling the Italian vibe? Then there’s also the American Combo option @RM60 ONLY [SAVE RM15], composed of 1 Chicken & Waffles, 1 Cajun Chicken Burger and 2 Milkshakes of your choice! Yummers!


Departure Lounge


You’re dating a down-to-earth independent woman who eats a hearty breakfast for dinner, backpacks across Paris on her own and gets starry-eyed about cheap hostels! – then buddy, we ENVY you cos’ you’re dating the girl of our dreams! A girl like that deserves to dine at a place that reminds her of her wanderlust nature! Bring her over to Departure Lounge, trade travel experiences, and discuss future travel ideas together, whilst sharing a Traveller’s Platter for ONLY RM52!


Kumo Bread & Coffee

kumo bread and coffee

Forget ROSES, not only do they wither and die, they also cost a bomb – so technically, you’re paying RM100-200 for something that has a short life span; wouldn’t it be then a better idea to purchase a pot of plant? The problem with a pot of plant is that it’s not quite instagrammable, ey? But hey, have you heard of a CUPCAKE bouquet? We haven’t heard of a girl who doesn’t have a weakness for cupcakes! So buy her a Valentine’s Cupcake Bouquet from KUMO for ONLY RM28.80. Not only will the buttercream icing melt in her mouth, it will also melt her heart.


A Pie Thing


We’ve been promoting A PIE THING so much that we’ve thought we’d give them a rest this time around. But come on! They just HAD to offer a FREE Smores Pie for every Masachre Order! How could we ignore this when the Smores Pie is just something that’s MADE for Vday. It tastes so exquisite you’d want to start dancing around to the romantic Jazz tunes from La La Land!




Are the both of you nocturnal animals who fancy late night convos on love, life and everything under the moon? Then perhaps a late night dessert might be what’s apt for the both of you. TSUJIRI loves you so MATCHA that they’re giving out a special Vday combo that’s a MATCHA in Heaven! Grab any of their exquisite best-selling parfaits + any 1 of their dessert selection for ONLY RM22 a set!


MEALS in between RM100-RM170

P. S. Tokyo’s St’ Valentine’s Glass Ball Set


Remember what we said about how flowers wither and die? Not this one! P. S Tokyo is offering a St. Valentine’s Set that’s meant for the creative soul. It comes with an everlasting ROSE preserved from JAPAN – kinda similar to the one you can find in ‘Beauty & The Beast’ – but BETTER, since the petal stays intact. The Romantic set also comes with a sweet finishing of 1 Berry Parfait + 2 Rose Latte + 3 Mini Macaroons. ALL for RM110 only!


Virgin & Throne


You’re dating a hot saucy girl who knows what she wants in life, never beats around the bush and could beat you at your drinking game at anytime of the day? Then boy, you know Virgin & Thone’s Valentine’s Day set is just what she needs! Kickstart with Love Potion cocktails, proceed with the mains of Salmon OR Grilled Lamb, and END the night with an alcoholic dessert. ALL for RM168 ONLY! Who says an alcohol-fueled dinner can’t be sophisticated, classy and fun!


Kiple always celebrates special occasions with great gusto, but we take pride in being thrifty and realistic. We’re the generation of NEW ROMANTICS!

Remember Kipsquad, pay with Kiple and you get a 10% cashback, each time, everytime. No minimum spend required!

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