Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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We’re Not All Cookie-Cutter Women

Girls celebrating International Women's Day

Every 8th of March, I’m reminded of International Women’s Day, because not only is it International Women’s Day – it is also my daughter’s birthday. It is by the design of a higher power that she was born on this fateful date.

Jean Lai (Kiple)
Pix: Jean Lai (Kiple)

It got me thinking: what does it mean to be a woman in today’s society? There’s a lot of competing voices telling us what the “perfect woman” should look like. Words like “graceful” and “modest” and “outgoing” seem to make up the most of those definitions, but sometimes those words don’t fit us.

Sometimes we’re not the bright-eyed girl, neatly dressed, with shiny straight hair from a shampoo advertisement – not that that description is a bad thing.

Today’s role models range from the likes of Michelle Obama, to Emma Watson – but why do we have to look so far? As I look around me, I notice beautiful, successful, determined women in the Kiple universe – be it the cafepreneurs or the women who work here.

Here are some of the quotes I’ve collected over the past few days:


Joanne & May (Lat Tali Lat Cafe)
Pix: Joanne & May (Lat Tali Lat Cafe)

Joanne & May, Founders of Lat Tali Lat Café

We built and conceptualised Lat Tali Lat Café from scratch. Stand firm on the decisions you make, don’t let anyone’s “two cents” waver your faith!

You have the right heart and soul to make something work, so trust your gut instinct and work towards it! Don’t give up.


Karen (Tsujiri)
Pix: Karen (Tsujiri)

Karen, Founder and CEO of Tsujiri Malaysia

Looking back on my younger self, I would definitely tell myself to have more confidence in my personal beliefs.

It’s a contagious support system. As long as you believe in your goals and passionately pursue it, you empower other women to pursue whatever they want to achieve in life as well.


Hani (Hanny Hair & Beauty Salon)
Pix: Hani (Hanny Hair & Beauty Salon

Hani, Founder of Hanny Hair & Beauty Salon

Always support your sister! I believe that there is beauty in every woman.

I celebrate diversity! Hence, I opened Hanny Hair & Beauty Salon.

I didn’t open Hanny just for the sake of running a beauty parlour – I did this to empower beauty in every woman, all sizes, all frames, all types. No discrimination!


Patricia (PS Tokyo)
Pix: Patricia (P.S.Tokyo)

Patricia Lim, Founder and CEO of P.S.Tokyo

I was personally inspired by the culture and delicacies of Japan, so much so that I was determined to kick start P. S. Tokyo!

I wanted to bring the same warm and delightful Japanese dining experience to Malaysia.

Life is meant to be a beautiful adventure, so always stick to what inspires you; be strong, be determined, and do not get swayed.


Shannen (Kiple)
Pix: Shannen (Kiple)

Shannen Ho, Client Relationship Manager of Kiple

Women are expected to wear many hats, and in doing so, we often fail to look after ourselves.

Learn how to love yourself first and foremost, because only by loving yourself, you’d be able to love others wholeheartedly.


Kelvina (Kiple)
Pix: Kelvina (Kiple)

Kelvina Siah, Brand & Marketing Manager of Kiple

Be self-sufficient and look at the up side even when everything is down.

Celebrate the tiny milestones in life. Kid wailing the house down? Great! Let him work his lungs. If nothing works, go to bed early – get a good night’s sleep.

The world fears bright eyed, rested women ready to take on everything!


Camilla (Kiple)
Pix: Camilla (Kiple)

Camilla, Sales Manager of Kiple

My mom has always taught me the importance of being an independent woman.

There’s so much beauty in enjoying your own company and listening to the voice inside your heart.

Learn how to love yourself. Learn how to be financially independent and live on your own terms.


Khar Ling (Kiple)
Pix: Khar Ling (Kiple)

Khar Ling, Business Analyst of Kiple

“You are as strong as you think you are, and you are whatever you want to be”





While these women haven’t been awarded the noble peace prize nor have they been awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame – they are some of the strongest, most beautiful, and unconventional women I’ve met over the past few months.

I’m proud to be a part of a workplace that celebrates diversity in women and cultivates the culture of gender equality at work.

Here, we believe in inspiring kindness and fostering human connection.

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