Friday, September 20, 2019
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Yes, I’m SINGLE and LOVING It!

Chinese New Year is now officially over, and if you’re Chinese, you would have sat through the torment of kepoh aunties interrogating your relationship status.

“Oh, you’re still single ah? Why cannot get boyfriend wan? So many fishes in the seaaa!”

“old liao lo, your biological clock is ticking!”

“no one want you meh? Don’t set your standards too high! Cincai any boy also can lah”

“you’re so pretty, how are you still single? Is something wrong with you?”

Like seriously? We’ve been brought up by wonderful parents who tell us to never settle for less, and Tony Robbins’ podcast constantly reminds us to be happy as we are every single day! – but then society pressures us to follow the traditions of life; which is to get married, have a child, build a nuclear family – and this is the so-called basis of happiness!

But here you are – single and presumably pathetic.

Some people label you a #hotmess. While others probably think you’ve been #friendzoned, hence, destined to be #foreveralone.

But why should you care? Ever heard of Mary Landon Baker, the socialite who rejected 65 marriage proposals and never got married? Was she depressed? Quite the contrary. She lived a fulfilling life and was an exemplary feminist even before the right term was coined for women like her!

So get this: You are single because you just haven’t met ‘the one’, OR you recently got out of a long-term relationship and you’re not ready to date again; or maybe, like Ms. Baker above – you’re just single just because you like the freedom and you WANT to be single. So technically, you’re single – but unavailable.

Why let someone make you feel bad about being single? Being single, is awesome! Why? Because it is that time where you get to work on yourself and grow as an individual, and if EVER, someone does come along and sparks fly – at least you know who you stand as a person. You are not an extension of his body, he does not complete you – YOU complete YOU. Isn’t that the most beautiful realisation in the world?

This Valentine’s Day, shrug off the pathetic notion of #foreveralone and celebrate awesomeness instead.

We’ve come up with some amazing ideas for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with people who really matter.

GirlSquad Ideas

Doll up, wear your meanest chilli-red lipstick, and pair your glitterati getup with the best kicks! – then grab a white veil, Uber your way to Conclave Bar & Café, and bring the house down like it’s your Bachelorette Party – because what’s a party without great wine and a nice prank to go with it?

However, If you and your squad are introverted souls with a deep appreciation for the speakeasy culture – head on over to Locker & Loft or Virgin and Throne and enjoy a night of seasonal oriental themed cocktails, in a discrete and decadent setting. Share funny (but horrid) relationship stories meant to be spilled, lingerie secrets, books, and other goss in between!

[*Tsk, good luck in finding that ‘door’ to enter]

Your BEST friend of the opposite sex

Some of us have that soul-mate, who is a platonic friend of the opposite sex. You don’t get butterflies in your stomach or tongue-tied around him. You are not Jack-and-Rose in love with this person, but you trust him with your life.

He is special to you in a way that outsiders can’t understand; because it’s not I-really-really-really-like-you, nor is it, love-me-harder; it’s just what it is – he’s your soulmate.

You will cry when he cries out of a broken heart. You jump for joy alongside him when he hits a career advancement. And you know that you guys will always be there for each other.

Why go out with a random guy from tinder when you get to catch up with your boy-bff over a nice simple V-date?

Our fuss-free ideas:

  • Departure Lounge dinner – buy Kiple’s buy-1-free-1 specialty Coffee promo with every meal purchase > RM14.90! (the Barista at Departure Lounge recently won an certifiably awesome award, so be rest assured that you’d be tasting the meanest coffee in town!)
  • Ice-cream and more ice-cream – Download Kiple to savour awesome ice-cream deals at P.S Tokyo, TSUJIRI, and Creamery Boutique Ice-creams!
  • Both you and your bff are nasi lemak soulmates? Head on over to My Mum’s Kitchen for their famous Nasi-Tanpa-Lemak and Claypot Chicken Rice!

Your mother/ father/ parents

Do you remember doodling your first Vday card as a little girl? Do you remember drawing an image of your parents on the front cover of the card – with the cute little hearts, accompanied by words saying “you’re my Valentine!”

Yes, before any boy tickled your fancy, your mom & dad were your first Valentines – this is the kind of love that knows no bounds – the kind of love that is unconditional – the kind of love that waits in the rain for you – the kind of love that won’t disappear into thin air even as you repeatedly wrong them – the kind of love that forgives and nurtures you back to health.

Take your mom, your dad, or even both of them, out this Vday for a date. Splurge on them at places fit for kings & queens, because you know they deserve it.

Our suggestions:

  • La Risata’s ‘Buan San Valentino’ menu – RM125++ per person/ RM350++ per duo
  • Bijan’s refined Malay goodness – try some of the masak lemak udang tempoyak paired with sago gula melaka! #diedandgonetoheaven!
  • Not the DINNER kinda peeps? why don’t take them out for a nice Big Backmeister Breakfast at Der Backmeister instead [don’t forget to use Kiple’s RM20-for-RM30 voucher]!


couples smiling


And who knows, one day, you might find that special person at the most unforeseen moment. Love, after all, happens when you don’t look for it. And when that happens, Kiple’s got you covered with date ideas!


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