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Charlie’s Café KL – The True Spirit of A Malaysian

Charlie’s Café channels the ‘muhibbah’ concept where there is harmony and the sense of togetherness for everyone to dine here regardless of their backgrounds. The menu doesn’t discriminate, offering amazing good food tagged with a decent price range that is affordable for all age groups, making this the ultimate makan joint for everybody! RM2 for a cup of freshly brewed coffee? SIGN ME UP!

Quality is Everything

When it comes to quality, Charlie’s Café is one who takes the utmost pride and joy towards their dishes. The rule is simple, “If it isn’t good, we won’t serve it”. The menu that once started with simple comfort food has now expanded into a huge variety of Malaysian goodness! EVERYTHING (and yes, literally everything) on the menu is made with fresh ingredients from scratch – from the main courses all the way to the desserts, and this is what differentiates Charlie’s Cafe from the cafeterias that serve pre-made / processed food.

We won’t just promote something we’re unsure of, so we took the opportunity to personally taste some of the most well-known dishes in Charlie’s Café and let’s just say it was a blessing to the taste buds.

The curry laksa is one of Charlie’s Café best-seller items! Its strong thick flavour emits the perfect blend of spices and generous amounts of toppings all laced up with their signature well-loved sambal. The curry laksa now comes in a “deluxe” version, complimenting the noodles with a huge prawn and a boneless spicy chicken thigh for that extra oomph factor – all for the price of RM 15.90!

The chicken chop is another game changer on the menu and it’s a MUST-TRY! Just like every other dish on the menu, they do not compromise on quality and the SIZE, cos look at that thing!

The flawless combination of its tender meat and the crispy yet crunchy skin is just another example of how harmony is integrated in this premise. You can choose from 5 different sauces to complement this beauty (and yes, all sauces are made in-house) which includes the BBQ, Sarawak black pepper, salted egg yolk, and cheesy mushroom sauce; made with fresh Shitake mushrooms!

Portion too big and you’re tryna keep your calories in check? You can try the mini version (RM 9.90)– with fresh salad, rice and a sunny side up.

Don’t like your chicken deep-fried? For the same price of RM 17.90, you can also opt for the grilled chicken chop which has just recently made its debut on the menu. The grilled chicken chop is a lighter variation cooked using a special combi-oven which makes a lovely tender, soft and chewy meat.

For the ones who have a sweet tooth and loves durians, the durian soft serve is one you should not miss! Aside from the obvious fact that its cold, sweet and fragrant, the most important criteria that makes this their best-seller is the flavour! How do they achieve this? – The soft-serve is made with milk and pure D24 durian so there’s none of those artificial flavouring at all, just pure creamy durian goodness in a cup.

Their in-house iced lemon tea is made fresh from scratch too and it’s the perfect clean finishing to the heavy meal.

I can’t stress enough how everything here is served fresh that even Gordon Ramsay would approve. Real tea, real lemon, real taste!

Honourable Mentions:

Scones & durian cheesecake – underrated items on the menu but guaranteed to be sold out due to returning customers who got hooked by the taste. Mr Desonny says these two don’t even need special promos; people flock in from word-of-mouth! The durian cheesecake is composed of the authentic ingredients: musang king, cream cheese from France and laced with an almond short crust base.

UFO Tarts – these cuties originated from Sabah with a slight improvisation to its recipe and Charlie’s Café is probably the only store selling these babies. The original UFO tarts are overly sweet, so this version is milder.

The Malaysian Spirit of Humanity

A simple search engine raid would land you on tons of praises towards how well Charlie’s Café have executed their operations ranging from their delicious yet affordable meals to their strong philanthropically beliefs. Owner Mr Desonny addresses this business as a social enterprise where he stands by the importance of making a social impact alongside with the profits he makes from the business.

While the rest of us eat, sleep, work, repeat, there are people like Mr. Desonny who helps restore our belief in humanity. He has churned out tons of marketing initiatives to help the people around him; providing jobs for ex-convicts who seek a second chance in life, selling artworks and products made by the orang asli of Sabah and Sarawak, which contributes to a pay-it-forward which enables them to feed the underprivileged people. In short, Mr Desonny is the true embodiment of the quote from Lilo & Stitch: Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.

Okay, enough words. Move along and taste the real deal! So head on down to Charlie’s Café now with the details as follow:
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Charlie’s Café (Pork & Lard free)
29, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman Bukit Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Business hours:
11.00AM – 10.00PM (Monday – Saturday)
Closed on Sundays