Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Underrated Authentic Taste of Asam Laksa Near You | Laksa Chef

Why go for the trouble to travel all the way to Penang when you can bring Penang to you? Laksa Chef is a hidden gem amongst the many laksa joints in Klang Valley. What started out as a booth at food fairs is now an established restaurant unit on its own, thanks to the demand of returning customers due to its perfected recipe since the 70s.

The restaurant is unique on its own, located on the second floor of a corner unit in Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan. It’s not one of those generic hot and badly-ventilated noodle shops but rather an air-conditioned café-like dining place with stylish interior décor, accompanied with a small play area for your children, making this a perfect venue for a family meal. Most patrons here are usually returning customers who got to know about it through word-of-mouth.

Despite the self-explanatory name, Laksa Chef offers a variety of food that caters to anyone; because we can all agree that not everyone would want to eat the same thing all the time. They started out with only Asam Laksa and Butterfly Pea Fragrant Rice but the menu expanded over time due to the ever-evolving taste buds of their patrons.

The Penang Asam Laksa: Delicious. Fragrant. Lots of flavour. Generous ingredients. These are just the few immediate descriptions that come to mind on the first helping. Every bowl just gives you that warm feeling in your belly – a wonderful sensation that blesses every inch of your taste bud.

Don’t quite feeling up for the eastern delicacy today? The chicken pepperoni pizza might just be your pick; because everyone loves a pizza, right? What I personally like about this pizza is its light, thin and crispy crust.

The best part of all, it doesn’t leave a greasy aftertaste – perfect for that guilt-free light meal. Such generous cheese-toppings, so make sure it doesn’t stretch out as you pull a slice off. Duck lovers could give their premium smoked duck & chicken pizza a taste as well.

Two notable desserts you can opt at this café is their well-known crispy ice durian roll and brownies with ice-cream. The ice-cream and chocolate brownie combo is the perfect solution to your sweet tooth and keeping your sugar cravings in check.

Prepare to be impressed by the hot crispy layer in the ice durian roll, which complements the cold inner durian filling that melts in your mouth!

With plans for expansion and constant innovation, Laksa Chef has lots of creative recipes in their back burner! But before that happens, go give that good ol’ Laksa a try first!

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Laksa Chef Café
1-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan BS 10/6,
Taman Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan,

Business Hours:
10.30AM – 9.00PM (Tuesday – Sunday)
Closed on Mondays