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Pertandingan gambar kreatif sempena hari kamera sedunia

Berita baik! KiplePay dan PERKOM UUM telah melancarkan pertandingan gambar kreatif sempena Hari Kamera Sedunia!​ Tema pertandingan kali ini ialah “Komuniti Kampus Tanpa Tunai dengan KiplePay”. Serlahkan kreativiti anda untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah lumayan di bawah: ​ Hadiah Utama: DJI Osmo Pocket Tempat Kedua: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Tempat Ketiga: Fujifilm...


kiplePay helps improve business efficiency

Ensuring business resilience for micro-SMEsHow Green Packet uses technology to drive social impact for the underserved micro-SME segment  Over the past year, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have had to tough it out and adapt accordingly to survive amidst the lockdowns that ensued during the pandemic, while the ones who...


Click, Pay and Earn!

Congratulations! You’ve finally graduated after working long and hard to obtain your diploma or degree, and you’re ready to step into the working world.   However, if you took on a PTPTN loan, it’s time to square your shoulders and begin the process of repaying your loan. Although you do...


Enjoy more Raya goodies this season with Kiple!

There’s nothing like the joy of receiving a Raya packet from your family and loved ones. That’s why in the spirit of Raya, we are giving away limited edition Kiple Raya packets!* Just use Kiple to pay for any transaction at selected merchants and you will get these vibrant-looking Raya...