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How You Can Save More For This Year’s Hari Raya

Festivals can be the most joyful and fun moments, and yet can also be the most busy and stressful period. When it comes to festivities, we will usually go all out and try to make the most out of the occasion because we only do it once a year. Unfortunately,...


Celebrating the Random Act of Kindness Day

Discounting the typically traditional and cultural holidays aside, there are several other novelty days which are being celebrated and lesser-known by people across the globe. Unlike the other days like Valentine’s Day or Black Day (the kind of day where singles in Korea feast on black bean noodles – a...


8 Absolute PANTANGs During CNY Season

The season of Chinese New Year (CNY is one of the many times where you’d hear festive music blaring for weeks even before the celebration. It is also that time of the year where the family elders would oil up their superstition engines to make sure we’ll welcome the year...


7 Types of Couples Around Us

With Valentine’s Day coming, it’s no stranger that it is a day to celebrate couples who are in love with each other. Standard rituals for the day include the gift of flowers, chocolates, going on movie dates and even romantic dinners (Gee, thanks a lot Mr Capitalism). What’s a better...