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kiplepay & bumijez

kiplePay Makes It Easy to Pay for Funeral Arrangements Online

Customers in funeral management services, M-Jannah and Darul Jenazah can now make subscription payments at any time online through the application, kiplePay. M-Jannah and Darul Jenazah are shariah-compliant funeral management services offered as a result of Bank Muamalat’s collaboration with Bumijez Sdn. Bhd. Bank Muamalat Central Region Manager, Anaruddin Abas...


UUM Is Now Cashless!

Universiti Utara Malaysia is also known as UUM was established on 16 February 1984, in Jitra, Kedah. It was known as “The Sixth University Project”. After years of providing an excellent education to students, with many top facilities, there are also entertainment or attractions such as go-kart circuit, golf course,...